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                                              Our Portfolio 

Kaba Recolte Banking & Investment Co., a fintech and subsidiary company of Kaba Holdings S.A, is revolutionizing the financial service landscape in West Africa, specifically in Guinea. We provide free financial literacy and education programs via strategic partnerships with governmental and non-governmental organizations, to assist Guineans to make better use of financial services and expand their financial inclusion. Our vision is to ensure that every individual and business in Guinea has access to banking,  investment services, and financial education for free, ultimately contributing to Guinea's economic development and growth. Our services are adapted to the unique requirements of Guineans and ultimately Africa by addressing the lack of trust in conventional financial institutions and reaching underbanked communities in rural regions. We continue to innovate and offer new financial products which provide affordable and efficient payment services


The company uses technology as its main operation to automate the delivery of financial services, making it easier for everyone to access the services they need. Kaba Recolte Banking and Investment contributes to the financial independence of individuals and businesses in Guinea and the economic growth and prosperity of the nation.



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